As they are versatile, radar speed signs can be installed in very various locations. They are most commonly installed at:

  • Village/Town entries: the sign reminds the motorists that speed limit is changing, as they leave a road and enter the town
  • Next to schools: allows to secure areas that are dangerous because  attended by numerous children. Some models even allow to display specific messages only at school times (=Caution School)
  • Next to roadworks areas: as for schools, road workers may cross the street anytime. A radar speed sign allows to warn drivers and protect workers.
  • upstream of a crossroad: to avoid potential accidents or to secure a dangeros crossing, radar speed signs are installed upstream and remind motorist to drive carefully.

Whatever the area to secure, installing a radar speed sign requires some precautions:

  • it shall be installed on the street side of the traffic directionand perpendiculary to the road axle.
  • the radar sign shall be perfectly visible and shall not interfere with the readability of road signs in place
  • the bottom of the radar speed sign must be at least 2.20 m from the floor (not to obstruct pedestrians)