The main reason for authorities to install a radar speed sign in their area is to educate drivers about the speed at which they drive, especially where this speeds seems to high compaired to speed limit.

Furthermore, other motivations lead communities to install a radar speed sign:

  • Answer a specific request of residents who feel a lack of road safety
  • Securing a specific location by anticipating potential accidents, especially near schools and school bus places
  • Lowering the speed of motorists by leading an educational action rather than a repressive action
  • Collect traffic statistics (average speed, maximum, number of vehicles etc.) to develop specific actions related to road safety or road improvements
  • Solve a noise problem

The radar speed sign also helps to meet three objectives that are linked together:

  • Enforcing speed limits in areas facing road incivility
  • Linking local regulations and user behavior on the road. Typically, when the radar shows “WARNING SCHOOL” the driver becomes aware of nearby risk and adapts its speed
  • Fight against drivers’ reduced vigilance through visual stimulation (radar range and display visibility, blinking speed, display of a warning message)