Project Description


Build as a smart add-on for Honeywell’s most popular A79 hard hat. The standard version offers simple, yet effective safety functionalities to the A79:

  • illuminating the workers workspace and/or surrounding
  • attention-getting pulsing light to co-workers when moving between heavy vehicles and machines

This low-cost standard version can be sold in volumes in any safety shop globally. But the Hadd-on™ not only brings illuminating functionalities, with it’s open source platform based on the popular Beagleboard it offers to unlimited any smart functionalities to the A79. The Hadd-on™ has 2 empty pcb’s slots on the sides and 1 on the top for placing antenna’s.


For state-of-the-art container terminal Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG), we have developed a high-end GNSS solution based on the Hadd-on™ Basic Illumination version. This solution keeps workers safe in the restricted AGV-area to do reactive maintenance on broken AGV’s. In this case we have developed the following hardware modules for the the Hadd-on™ :

  • Trimble’s GNSS receiver with RTK and INS
  • UHF transceiver radio
  • Trimble’s sensitive GNSS antenna